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Betrayed by colleagues: Gibbs’ rule that no “NCIS” agent ever respected

Leroy’s strict morality is hard to sustain.

NCIS Gibbs
"NCIS". Source: (Instagram).

One of the most applauded edges of “NCIS” throughout its 19 seasons is the strict rules its main character, Leroy Gibbs, follows to maintain his impeccable career within the Office of Naval Affairs. The words of Mark Harmon ‘s character resonate throughout each episode and provide a great deal of experience for his teammates. However, there was one rule that none of his colleagues really wanted to take seriously.

Gibbs’ rules are the cornerstone of the narrative plot of fiction.

It’s about nothing more and less than rule number 12, which says; Never date a co-worker. First mentioned in “Enigma” (Episode 15, Season 1). Although the rule abounds in wisdom, the truth is that in the daily course of the agents of Donald Bellisario’ series, this rule is not simple at all.

Ever since Timothy McGee and Abby Sciuto started flirting with each other, couples have been increasingly common on “NCIS.” Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David represent perhaps the most endearing romance within fiction. Throughout history, romantic relationships never posed a difficulty in solving risky cases, but on more than one occasion there were moments of strong interpersonal tension.

The character of Ziva David joined “NCIS” in season 3.

The truth is that “NCIS” is essentially a crime drama, and there is no drama unless the emotions that arise from the lives of its protagonists are interwoven. The rules of the legendary Agent Gibbs are wonderful examples of an impeccable career within the police force, but living by its rules is by no means easy, and of course its colleagues are very aware of this.

Gibbs also fell into temptation

Throughout his long personal journey within “NCIS,” Leroy Gibbs also fell victim to his own rules. In season 1 of the fiction, the iconic agent resumed an old romance with Jenny Shepard, who breaks into the office to take over his direction.

Jenny Shepard’s character tragically dies in season 5.

There, viewers were able to uncover a hidden part of Gibbs’ past. Leroy reportedly shared intimate moments with Shepard when they were both working in Europe. The tragic draft that ended the officer’s life couldn’t erase the bad taste in the mouths of fans who felt the couple was one of the worst in the history of the Show.

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