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Isolated and Waiting: ‘NCIS’ producers broke the silence about Harmon’s future

Since the end of Season 18, there have been rumors that the actor is ready to give up the most important role of his career.


Since the 18th season of “NCIS” ended, many rumors have circulated about the character Mark Harmon and his time on the iconic TV police drama. After a lifetime of playing Leroy Jehtro Gibbs, the actor is ready to give up the most important role of his career, and according to several outcasts, he will only be a sporadic contributor in season 19. Between versions, the production’s showrunner, Steven Blinder, spoke with TV Line and provided first-hand information about the iconic actor’s future.

NCIS Gibbs
Since 2003, Mark Harmon is the protagonist of “NCIS”.

According to CBS series executives, many of the recent rumors are false, but today, following the explosive conclusion of the seasons, the character of Harmon awaits his new journey into fiction. “We shot a lot of different things for that sequence, and there were numerous ways to cut it. And we settled on a solution that we felt left all options open. We know he’s not dead, and we know he’s capable of swimming. Anything is possible with Gibbs “Steven described Mark’s final moments on screen.

In October 2012, he was given the 2482nd star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In addition, the producer said that Gibbs will continue his hunt for the serial killer who captivated him in the last episode, and although he’s isolated from his team, that could change in the new season. “We are trying to focus now on telling the best stories we can with the characters we have, and Gibbs is part of that world. And I think we are doing a good job with that,” the “NCIS” showrunner added.

The much-anticipated return
NCIS” returns to CBS primetime screens on September 20 for its 19th season. Despite the confirmed release date, Steven Blinder stated that the production process of the fiction is still being influenced by the complex scenario of the pandemic.

ziva david job Mossad Ncis
“NCIS” has several successful active franchises.

Regardless of the inconvenience, the new season of “NCIS” will include two luxurious new additions. Gary Cole and Katrina Law will join the cast of the naval drama, that always seems to find a way to stay alive.

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