“Madame Duchess”: Meghan Markle given a new name by Americans during her visit to New York with Prince Harry

TWITTER users have expressed their appreciation for Meghan Markle’s new nickname, given to her in New York.

Meghan and Harry One World Trade Centre
Meghan and Harry along with other guests on top of the One World Trade Centre (Image: Getty)

The Duke and Duchess’ trip to New York will be the couple’s first public event since they relinquished their roles as senior royals. The couple will appear at the global TV event Global Citizen Live on Saturday, a 24-hour live event featuring stars and starlets in Central Park.

The Duchess was asked by a reporter during her visit to New York, “Madame Duchess Are you enjoying your time in New York?”

Meghan responded by saying, “It’s wonderful to be back, thank you.”

The Sussex Squad Podcast tweeted her admiration for the new nickname, saying, “Look, from now on it’s Madame Duchess with #MeghanMarkle for me.

“This is why I love this city!

Meghan and Harry in New York (Image: Getty)

Twitter user @RAnnie2021 tweeted, “Who really likes the title Madame Duchess Meghan besides me?

“I do not like the photographer who named her that, but I do like the name.”

The new nickname was given to the Duchess at the top of the city’s tallest building, One World Trade Center.

Kyle Nazza, part of National Press in America, tweeted an update regarding Meghan and Harry‘s visit to the country.

“Mayor de Blasio shares his admiration, saying they are fantastic guests and the work they do is so important to our whole country and our whole world.”

Meghan life in pictures (Image: Express)

@Sunshine4Love responded to Mr. Nazza’s tweet by saying, “It made me smile so much…

“Thank you for brightening our morning with the important questions.”

Mr Nazza was the reporter who posed the question to Meghan during her trip to the Big Apple.

Many have subsequently hailed Mr Nazza for being the first to refer to Meghan as “Madame Duchess“.

Meghan and Harry before heading up the One World Trade Centre (Image: Getty)

Twitter user @4llyBrendan tweeted, “You are the first to call a Royal “Madam Duchess” Kyle… and I love it.

“Cheers to that.”

@No_NameBanBan also took to Twitter, expressing her surprise that it was Mr Nazza who asked the question.

She tweeted, “That was YOU???

“Then let it be known that on this day YOU Kyle are the very first person to call her Madam Duchess – and I LOVE IT!!!!

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