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NCIS fans disappointed as new episode pulled from schedule

A scheduling shake-up saw reruns air on Monday night instead

NCIS and NCIS: Hawai'i
NCIS fans have been left disappointed as the latest episodes of NCIS and NCIS: Hawai'i were pulled from schedule on Monday evening - and replaced with reruns instead.

New episodes of the long-running naval drama and its new spinoff have been airing on CBS at the new timeslot of 9pm and 10pm EST since mid-September, but unfortunately, fans of both series will have to wait another week for the next instalment.

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One of the many fans disappointed with the series’ unexpected shift tweeted: “No new episode of NCIS Hawaii episode today,” alongside a crying emoji.

As well as the newest spinoff based in Hawaii, CBS also didn’t air the latest instalment of NCIS this week. Instead, the upcoming sixth episode will air on Monday, November 1.

Alternatively, the network decided to air a repeat, titled 1mm, which first premiered in January.

This was the same for NCIS Hawaii with the next show scheduled to air after NCIS on Monday.

Taking to Twitter, many viewers were left frustrated after discovering that they were watching old episodes. One wrote: “I’m embarrassed it took me this long to realise this… but this is definitely a repeat, right? #NCIS

Another chimed in: “Well I’m disappointed I was looking forward to tonight’s episode,” and a third said: “Ugh! Old episode! I was so looking forward to seeing the new team work on a case #NCISHawaii.”

NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i will return to screens with new episodes on 1 November

The scheduling shake-up comes just two weeks after NCIS’ lead star Mark Harmon made his exit as Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Naturally, fans are keen to see how the series, which has been airing for nearly 20 years, will continue without him.

It’s not clear why CBS decided to air repeats of both series, but it could just be down to scheduling. The TV season runs from September until May, which is 32 weeks, but most network shows only have 24 episodes per season. This means that a few times a year, a show has to take weeks off and air a rerun to make sure that the final episode airs when it should in May.

NCIS Hawaii: Instead of the latest episode the network aired a repeat of the second episode (Image: CBS)

However, viewers will be pleased to know that they don’t have long to wait to see the latest instalment of both shows. Their respective upcoming sixth episodes will air on Monday, November 1.

NCIS: fans got to see Gibbs back in action despite his recent departure from the series (Image: CBS)

The upcoming latest episode will see Jane and her team aim to find a missing social media star who has a secret life her husband and fans do not know about.

This will follow a new episode on NCIS titled False Start, which will see the team investigate the mysterious death of a Navy commander who trained top athletes.


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