NCIS Season 19: Confirmed Return of This Fan Favorite Character

NCIS Season 19: Confirmed Return of This Fan Favorite Character

The naval criminal investigation drama will return in late September with season 19, and will bring back one of the fan-favorite characters. The news was confirmed by the showrunner of the series.

NCIS season 19 will air as scheduled on September 20 on CBS. Fans of the crime series can rejoice as one of their favorite characters returns with the new episodes.

Gibbs’ friend, Tobias Fornell, is confirmed to appear in season 19 of NCIS

When the 19th season of the crime drama hits the screens, the plot is expected to show what happened to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) after his boat exploded at the end of the 18th season, which aired in late May.

With the premiere, the CBS series will also feature two new cast members. Agent Jessica Knight (Katrina Law), who first appeared at the end of last season, and newcomer Special Agent Alden Park, the newest character played by Gary Cole.

In the new episodes, NCIS fans will see a good friend of Leroy Gibbs again. Former FBI Agent Tobias Fornell , played by actor Joe Spano, will appear in the nineteenth episode of the naval criminal investigation series.

NCIS Showrunner Confirmed Return of Former FBI Agent Tobias Fornell

NCIS co-showrunner Steven D. Binder confirmed via Twitter that Fornell “will be showing up soon” when asked by a fan of the show if the retired FBI will return to work with Gibbs.

As a reminder, on the CBS series, Fornell is not only friends with Gibbs, but also occasionally works with the NCIS Major Case Response Team. Fornell has since retired and is currently working as a private investigator. He returned in season 18 to get Gibbs’ help in finding the leader of a drug trafficking network that was supplying drugs to his daughter Emily (Juliette Angelo), who eventually died in the final episode.

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