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NCIS Season 19: How many episodes will feature Mark Harmon

NCIS Season 19: How many episodes will feature Mark Harmon

NCIS premiered in 2003, and since then, Agent Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, has been the series’ main character. Mark Harmon will now only appear in a few episodes, but how many exactly will Mark Harmon appear in?

Despite fears that Mark Harmon will leave his role in NCIS at the end of season 18, the actor will return for season 19, but he will not be seen in his leading role. So how many episodes will the actor appear in?

It is currently unknown how many episodes the actor will appear in, but CBS President Kelly Kahl stated that they would like to keep the actor for as long as possible.

NCIS: Fans wonder how many episodes Mark Harmon will appear in next season

With the departure of Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) from the series, and the reduced presence of Mark Harmon, fans have definitely felt the void in the story.

Fortunately, NCIS has made some cast alterations to accommodate. Gary Cole and Katrina Law will join the series as permanent members. Katrina Law will reprise her role as Special Agent Jessica Knight.

NCIS: No number has been confirmed yet, but it’s possible that we will see Gibbs for at least 10 episodes

It’s unclear whether this will be Mark Harmon’s final appearance in the role, but based on CBS network chief statements, it appears they want to keep the actor around as long as possible, similar to what they did with Ducky, who only appears in 10 episodes per season.

The full extent of Mark Harmon’s involvement in season 19 will be revealed closer to the new season’s release date. NCIS season 19 is set to start on September 20, followed by the new spin-off NCIS: Hawaii.

Fans have been sharing their thoughts on the future of NCIS without Harmon, with many of them taking to Twitter.

One fan said: “Ummm, I LOVE them but Gibbs invented NCIS! It wouldn’t be the same without him!” (sic)

“I most likely will not watch it if Mr. Harmon @NCIS_CBS isn’t going to be there,” another added.

A third commented: “Not sure it’s watchable without Mark Harmon.”

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