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NCIS Season 19: What We Know So Far

NCIS Season 19: What We Know So Far

NCIS season 19 is coming soon, although not many details are known yet. We reveal everything we’ve learned so far.

Since 2003, the crime series “NCIS” has been delighting a global audience. Meanwhile, a total of 18 seasons have been aired in which we’ve been able to cheer and empathize with our agents. Season 19 is almost about to kick off. We’ve compiled all we know about the new season.

NCIS Season 19: Everything You Need to Know

As couldn’t be helped, NCIS viewers were again left with a major cliffhanger at the end of the final episode of Season 18. “Gibbs” (Mark Harmon) was suspended indefinitely from duty, but did nothing. Among other things, he tinkered with his boat and got involved in the search for a serial killer.

One of the final scenes of season 18 shows Gibbs taking his boat on its maiden voyage. However, this explodes, which may have initially caused a big shock among fans. However, near the end of the episode, “Gibbs” was seen swimming away. While no details about the 19th season are known yet, it’s evident from the plot that this storyline must continue.

Why did Gibbs’ boat explode? And what happens next to our much-loved Special Agent? What led to the explosion could possibly be explained in a flashback. Season 18 began with some episodes scheduled in the past.

NCIS comeback of “Ziva”?

As far as the team of investigators at NCIS is concerned, it will probably be about how they cope without “Gibbs” as a team leader. Furthermore, it could be that we see a familiar face again: “Ziva” (Coté de Pablo) may return following the commotion around “Gibbs” and look for him.

As for the cast of season 19, we can definitely look forward to Sean Murray, Wilmer Valderrama, Brian Dietzen, Diona Reasonover, Rocky Carroll and David McCallum. However, NCIS fans can also look forward to new newcomers. Someone needs to take over the role of “Gibbs” as team leader, “Agent Jack Sloanes” (Maria Bello) and “Agent Bishops” (Emily Wickersham) gaps need to be filled as well.

It’s official: Gary Cole takes a lead role in NCIS

It’s official: Gary Cole takes a lead role in NCIS

Two new main characters have already been announced: “Jessica Knight”, played by Katrina Law, will join the team. And FBI Special Agent “Alden Park” will also play a major role. He will be played by Gary Cole. “Gibbs” actor Mark Harmon is also rumored to return, but only in a few episodes.

It’s still unclear when we’ll see the next episodes.. Filming has not started yet. However, the new season is supposed to start as usual in the fall in the US, usually new seasons of the crime series start there in September.

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