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NCIS: The real Reasons some of the Actors’ left the Show

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The “NCIS” crew has changed a lot over the years, but what were the reasons for the actors to leave the popular show?

Not everyone is cut out to participate in a long-running series. For some, the constant workload is too much, while others feel disconnected from their character after a while.

The criminal series, which has been running since 2003, has already had a number of cast changes, especially in the lead roles. We have gathered the most interesting reasons for the departure of various actors during this time for their personal reasons:

  • Codé de Pablo left the show in 2013 after eight years as Ziva David. In 2016, she said she left because she felt her character was no longer treated with the respect she deserved.

Michael WeatherLy aka Antonio DiNozzo, quit after 13 years at the end of season 13. His argument ‘I was burnt out on NCIS and was ready for looking a new challenge.

LOS ANGELES – AUGUST 14: “Under the Radar” — The NCIS team must rely on Twitter for a case involving a missing Navy Lieutenant, on NCIS, Tuesday, Oct. 8 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Pauley Perrette. (Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images)
  • Pauley Perrette, better known as Abby Sciuto, quit the show in 2018, citing personal reasons on Twitter. ‘She experienced multiple physical assaults during filming’.
  • Duane Henry joined the cast as Clayton Reeves in 2013.
    Five years later he left because he said he felt bored, wanted to do more.
  • Sasha Alexander played the role Special Agent Kathleen Todd for two seasons. However, she quickly became overwhelmed with the filming workload and asked the writers to let her quit.
  • Zoe McLellan, portrayed special agent Meredith Brody in two seasons of NCIS New Orleans. She had to leave after that because Showrunner Brad Kern considered her physically unattractive.

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