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“NCIS” veteran Tony DiNozzo: What is actor Michael Weatherly doing today?

Michael Weatherly ncis
In the upcoming NCIS season 19, will DiNozzo make a comeback? (Image CBS)

Along with Gibbs, McGee and company, he was part of the original “NCIS” squad. Michael Weatherly left the series in 2016 to pursue his own. But how did he actually fare with it?

For 13 seasons, he was the right-hand man of Special Agent in Charge Gibbs: Tony DiNozzo was an integral part of the “NCIS” squad for 306 episodes and also a founding member. In 2003, he was also part of the “J.A.G. – Mission of Honor” double episode, with which everything was to begin. In 2016, he left the series, which is still one of the most successful in television history. But what is Michael Weatherly actually doing today?

Michael Weatherly – At Home on TV

We didn’t hear from DiNozzo until early 2020, when Ziva David returned from the depths, incapacitated her nemesis, and was finally able to travel to Paris with DiNozzo and her daughter Tali. The family reunion took place away from the cameras, though, so the charming agent wasn’t seen in person.

The reason for his absence from “NCIS” is surely due to his own TV series (Bull (2016 TV series). Here’s what it’s all about: Jason Bull is the most important key to winning lawsuits. It’s not because he argues so brilliantly or has a nose for missing evidence. Bull and his team can read people perfectly and thus assemble a group of jurors who are favourably disposed toward their own clients and/or easily manipulated. In short, they can make the unpredictable predictable.

More than 20 million Americans watched the pilot episode, and the first season went on to become the third most successful series after “The Big Bang Theory” and “NCIS”. For this reason, the fifth season is already being broadcast in the USA.

That said, Weatherly apparently has no ambitions for other roles. Since 2012, he has only played Tony DiNozzo or Jason Bull. According to the movie database, there are no other projects planned. In 2017, a documentary film directed by Weatherly was released. “Jamaica Man” was about the emigrant Nigel Pemberton towards the end of his life. Weatherly won two awards for it.

Michael Weatherly – Not the perfect clean man

In 2018, allegations of sexual harassment were made against Weatherly. He allegedly made derogatory comments about co-star Eliza Dushku on the set of “Bull,” who in turn informed producers. The dispute was settled with a $9.5 million payment and Dushku left the show. Weatherly publicly apologized, but did not abide by the agreement. It was later revealed that he had to attend training courses in leadership and role modeling.

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