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NCIS: What to Expect About Leroy Gibbs Story and Season 19 Premiere

What is the name of Mark Harmon's NCIS role

The premiere of NCIS Season 19 is getting closer. The crime drama’s return may be noted by the temporary absence of Leroy Gibbs. But what is known about the first episode, and what can fans expect?

The 18th episode of CBS‘ long-running investigative drama NCIS recently reached its climax, leaving fans completely stunned after Leroy Gibbs’ boat exploded, throwing the suspended team leader into the water.


The good thing was that Gibbs, though seemingly dead at first, reacted and swam away. In this scenario, it was the 18th season of NCIS, and fans are restless to know what their fate will be in episode 19, in which the character of Mark Harmon will be less present.

One question loyal viewers of the CBS crime drama are currently asking is what to expect from the premiere episode, which airs Sept. 20 on TV. The first thing to note is that the title has not yet been revealed and the cast is absent on social media.

The first episode of NCIS season 19 is expected to pick up where the drama left off in the previous episode, maintaining the thread of events to know where Leroy Gibbs goes after his boat explodes.

The plot of the first episode should also give a clue as to who might be behind the explosion that caused the death of the former NCIS leader. We know the writers will not reveal it anytime soon, but at the very least, the investigation should begin at the start of the 19th episode of the CBS show.

NCIS Season 19 Premiere Should Explain Where Leroy Gibbs Headed After His Boat Exploded

And as the Cartermatt-focused website points out, the amount of visual evidence of the explosion is stunning. Executive producer Christopher J. Waild (who also wrote the episode), has shared a series of images on social media that serve as great clues, either the dashboard of an old car or an outdoor scene that looks like the spot where Gibbs’ boat exploded. The first episode of season 19 could show us the NCIS team learning about Gibbs’ boat explosion and immediately jumping into action.

This first episode should reveal at once what role will play agent Jessica Knight (Katrina Law), who joined the team in the final chapters of season 18. The fallout from Bishop’s departure is also an important part of what needs to be resolved in the crime drama. It is not yet known when the character Gary Cole ( Alden Park) will make his first appearance and what importance he will have in the NCIS team, as the actor has been added as a regular.

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