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The script flaw in “NCIS” that didn’t do justice to Gibbs’ worst personal moment

Donald Bellisario’ production owes a great debt to the audience.

NCIS” series is one of the most successful police shows in the television industry and is currently entering its 19th season. In addition to the intense crime drama that runs through its chapters, the production permits itself to dig into the personal details of its protagonists, particularly those of Leroy Gibbs. The most harrowing moment of Mark Harmon’ intimate involvement came when the drug dealer Pedro Hernandez murdered his wife and daughter, prompting the iconic agent to seek revenge. However, fans realized that there was a major flaw in the script that showed the criminal’ horrific end in two different ways.

“NCIS” began airing on September 23, 2003.

In Season 3 of the fictional series developed by Donald Bellisario, Gibbs chases Hernandez across the Mexican desert. Once he has his target in sight, the distinguished officer shoots his family’ killer with a long-range rifle, and the bullet enters the front windshield of the vehicle, before hitting Hernandez in the forehead as he drives down an inhospitable route. However, in several flashbacks to this scene in season 7, the scene looks slightly different.

According to the Screen Rant portal, Hernández’ gruesome death is portrayed in a very different way four episodes later in Season 7. In one of Gibbs’ flashbacks, the bloody scene is re-visualized, and it is seen that the bullet actually went through the driver’s side of the vehicle and hitting Hernandez in the left side of his head.

Mark Harmon has already guaranteed his continuance in season 19 of the series

Fans of “NCIS” took to social media to express their displeasure with the obvious script error and the lack of care shown for one of the most pivotal moments in the story concerning Leroy Gibbs. Furthermore, fans felt that the ending was inconsistent with the character, because it broke one of its own rules; to never seek revenge by his own hand, which is rule nr.10 – “Never get personally involved in a case”.

The future of “NCIS” is in Harmon’s hands

After months of rumors that Mark Harmon was planning to leave “NCIS,” the show he has been a part of for almost two decades, CBS executives confirmed that there would be no new episodes of the show without Mark. The actor subsequently made the decision to ensure his long-term viability.

While it has been announced that Gibss would continue to feature in the naval drama, his appearance will return in season 19, and his role will gradually become a supporting one.

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