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17 Of The Fiercest Outfits Abby Ever Wore on NCIS

17 of the fiercest outfits abby ever wore on ncis

Abby brings so much style to NCIS

She really stands out

The rest of the NCIS team look great and all, but they’re just not on Abby’s level.

She stays fierce

Two topknots and gorgeous lace gloves? Yes, please, Abby!

Her footwear is on point

Knee-high socks complete with back bows take this look into the fashion stratosphere.

Abby is the queen of darkness from head to toe

Don’t let the sweet Peter Pan collar fool you. Abby’s outfit here is 100% black magic.

Collars and spikes

Abby knows how to add just the right amount of edge to this adorable look.

TV couture on another level

Seriously. She has costumes in the bag.

Lady in red

This is how Abby Sciuto does “festive.”

Her accessories are scary-good

Spikes and lace for the win!

She is casually chic

Even when Abby tones it down, she looks incredible. Her glamour is effortless!

You can steal her style

Abby’s style is so coveted that NCIS fans from all around are dressing up just like her. And why not? She knows what she’s doing.​

Parasol perfection

Abby never steps outside without her black lace parasol. It’s the most stylish form of protection against the sun we’ve seen yet.

Abby rocks!

You can make a statement in this t-shirt, too!​

Abby takes risks

Only Abby could pull off a look like this. Also, those ruffled knee-highs are perfection.

Her dress-up is to die for

Abby is so resourceful. She can accessorize with anything, even test tubes!

She’s down with a proper button-up blouse

Take a glance at those elegant puffy sleeves. This outfit is Victorian-meets-punk rock and so Abby.

Peek-a-boo, heavy on the boo

It’s such a shame that many of Abby’s best outfits hide behind her lab coats, but a genius NCIS girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do!

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