300-meter-high Chinese Skyscraper mysteriously wobbles and unleashes panic

China skyscraper wobbles, spreading panic in downtown Shenzhen

300-meter-high Chinese Skyscraper mysteriously wobbles and unleashes panic
Photo: STR / AFP

The SEG Plaza building shook for no apparent reason, prompting the evacuation of thousands of people in Shenzhen.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 18, a 300-meter skyscraper in China began to sway in the sky over Shenzhen. For this reason, the workers and clerks had to be evacuated immediately. Despite being a safe construction, obeying all necessary regulations, no one knows the reason behind its wobble.

A Chinese skyscraper with mysterious movements

It was the SEG Plaza, which is placed as one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. The incident happened in Shenzhen, southern China. As soon as the hustle and bustle began, the people inside had to be evacuated to a safe place.

Around 1pm, people were already out. Meanwhile, pedestrians took videos and recorded the movement from below, disbelieving to what they were witnessing. An hour later, the building was hermetically closed, according to local media coverage.

Since 2000, when construction was completed, the tower has been home to a significant market for electronic and technology-related products in China. For this reason, the city quickly became a nodal business center in the country. Still, local authorities don’t know what caused the building’s din.

Officials managing the tower are investigating what caused the incident. Despite having verified and analyzed local seismic monitoring data, it appears that the wobble is not related to earthquakes.

Despite this, several apartment buildings built in Shenzhen are reviewing the information. Even more so because the SEG Plaza houses thousands of people every day, who report to work there. In a city of 12 million people, collapsing such a building could wreak tragic havoc.

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