Bitcoin exchange AfriCrypt founders missing

Bitcoin exchange AfriCrypt founders missing

It appears to be yet another major bitcoin theft, in which the people behind the cryptocurrency trading site simply shut it down and took their customers' assets. This time it involves the South African bitcoin exchange AfriCrypt, both of whose founders and assets seem to have gone up in smoke.

AfriCrypt informed its customers earlier this year that they had fallen victim to a computer hack. It then urged its customers not to report it to the police as it could complicate the company's own investigation. Even then, however, Africrypt employees appear to have been barred from the crypto exchange. It is also now revealed that the two founders of AfriCrypt, Ameer Cajee and Raees Cajee, left South Africa after depriving the company of the money their customers had deposited.

According to multiple sources, the two brothers transferred $3.6 billion worth of bitcoin, to other accounts through various services that make it difficult to track the transactions. If this amount is true, it would be the largest Bitcoin theft in history to date.


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