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Blue Bloods returns to CBS: Actors Will Estes and Vanessa Ray talk about the CBS drama

Actors Will Estes and Vanessa Ray from Blue Bloods talk live about the CBS drama – what’s in store for the family around the dinner table and on the job, which returns for its 12th season.

Blue Bloods Season 12 Cast

Blue Bloods has a main and a recurring cast that can be seen in almost every season of the show! Your favorite Reagan family actors will be back in season 12, and those who doubt Tom Selleck’s appearance can rest easy! He will be in Blue Bloods season 12! How can the blue blood family function without the police commissioner right?

Here’s a list of Blue Bloods cast with their roles on the show!

  • Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan
  • Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan
  • Will Estes as Jamie Reagan
  • Len Cariou as Henry Reagan
  • Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko
  • Marisa Ramirez as Maria Baez
  • Abigail Hawks as Abigail Baker
  • Gregory Jbara as Garrett Moore
  • Robert Clohessy as Sid Gormley
  • Steve Schirripa as Anthony Abetamarco
  • Andrew Terraciano as Sean

How Many Episodes Will Blue Bloods Season 12 Have?

Source: CBS

Blue Bloods had a total of 234 episodes, spanning 11 seasons! Most seasons had 22 episodes each, but due to the Covid pandemic, many of the seasons of Blue Bloods were cut to 19 and 16 episodes, as opposed to the usual 23-22 episodes!

With cases slowing down and things getting back to normal, we can expect a few more episodes of Blue Bloods season 12 this time around. At least 22 episodes of Blue Bloods should be it!

Blue Bloods returns in October 2021 with a season 12! We are all excited to see what this new season will bring us and who we will see this time around! Since the cast and crew are keeping a low profile at the moment, we can only speculate! So let us be patient for a while longer and wait to see how everything turns out!

Where is Blue Bloods being filmed?
Blue Bloods will be filmed primarily in New York City and the surrounding suburbs.

Where can I watch Blue Bloods online?
You can watch Blue Bloods online on either Paramount or Hulu.

What network is Blue Bloods airing on?
Blue Bloods premieres on CBS and you can watch the series every Friday. Season 12 of Blue Bloods will air on October 1, 2021 at 10pm on the CBS network!


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