A brave turtle faces a lion in a pond. The lion ran away

He chases away the first lion, then he also takes on the second big cat, truly amazing footage!

Have you heard the story of David and Goliath? Well, there’s no weak opponent and not always wins the strongest, but the bravest. Let’s just say something like this happened between a turtle and a lion. The brave turtle chased away the lion.

In a viral video we see the moment a little turtle confronted a lion to throw it out of a pond.

While the lion prepared to drink water, but it turns out it was home to a small turtle.

As the turtle realized what was going on, approached determinedly to cast the imposing lion.

He stood in front of the lion, then got just under his tongue and raised his head to stop him from drinking any more water.

lion_turtle_face off eachother
The turtle approached until touching the lion’s mouth. Kruger Sightings

The lion stepped aside a little and kept drinking water. The turtle interrupted the lion again. Finally, the lion walked away from the shore.

But not satisfied with that, the turtle came out of the water and chased him until the lion fled.

This video was taken by Reggi Barreto, safari guide and photographer, who was in Mala Mala, a game reserve in South Africa, when he saw the big cats. So he took his camera to record the moment they were going to drink water, not knowing that it would record a very curious moment.

Via TheDodo

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