Camille Lamb SNAPS After Getting Fired From ‘Below Deck’

Camille Lamb was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn on Monday’s episode of Below Deck — but the Season 10 stew is not on board with Bravo’s narrative.  

Camille Lamb

Camille was chastised multiple times about her subpar work ethic, and Chief Stew, Fraser Olender, took her to task again for slacking off on the job, on Monday’s episode.  

“I don’t know how many more chances I can give,” Fraser told cameras. ”I have hope in people, and no one believed in me, ever, and I turned things around for myself. So I feel like I can see a little bit of that in everyone. So I always will give another chance.”

Camille Lamb

Fraser admitted that he was frustrated when he caught Camille drinking the day before a charter, while the rest of the crew was hard at work. 

“You don’t drink on the job, Camille,” he told her. “Come on, babe, it’s not a holiday. Ridiculous.”

“Seeing Camille come out with a pint-size glass of champagne just goes to show there’s truly no care or willingness to do the job,” he added, in a personal interview.


Fraser pointed out that the guest cabins were not adequately prepped, so taking a break was not acceptable. 

He later noted in a confessional — “If they can’t play a role in supporting the bigger picture, then they have no role on the ‘St. David.’”

Fraser notified Captain Sandy of the boozy incident, which he called Camille’s “final straw.” 

Camille Lamb

“To me, I’m tired of hearing about Camille,” Sandy agreed. “She’s the common denominator in all of this. Great girl, great personality, but at the same time, we have to do what’s best for the boat.”

Sandy called Camille to the vessel’s bridge to break the bad news. 

“This is not easy for me,” Sandy began, to which Camille replied, “Oh my god, no! Really?”

“I’m letting you go this morning,” Sandy confirmed before the episode ended. 

Camille Lamb

Camille took to her Instagram Story to tell her side of the story, kicking off her statement by writing that she was not “going to allow this narrative to be the narrative.” She claimed that production crafted the episode to make it appear that drinking was going on during a normal workday. She admitted that “some” work was assigned, but added that cast members were also being taken off the boat individually to film “confessionals.” She admitted that she was “sauced” because of the alcohol, aka “truth serum,” that producers offered during the interview process. 

Camille claimed—“Went back to the boat finished what I had left and opened champagne. Fraser said when we finish our jobs ‘champagne time’ he said we could drink. So I open the champagne I saw Fraser use for tip meetings. Since he used it for us to drink I thought that was the one we used. I’m no champagne snob so I didn’t know [its] value.”

Camille Lamb

She admitted that she likely missed some details while prepping the cabins due to her inebriated state. She went on to defend her work ethic, which was often portrayed as lazy. 

“Also this whole lazy thing. I’m not lazy.. maybe less enthusiastic. They choose not to show any clips of me working when I was doing exactly that 90% of the time,” she stated.

“My accomplishments thus far in life are not accomplishments of a lazy person. I will continue to be accountable for my actions with no shame because at the end of the day I grow from them I learn from them and from those lessons and failures I’m one step closer to success,” Camille concluded. 

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  1. Sheila says:

    Camille, in my opinion the laziest stew I ever seen on this show. she is lucky Capt. Lee wasn't there. don't think he would have been that nice to her.

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