Carrie Underwood’s Soaring CMT Awards Performance - Was It Her Best Ever?

Carrie Underwood's CMT Music Awards performance

Carrie Underwood's CMT Music Awards performance of "Ghost Story" was a soaring stunner. How does it rank among her all-time great awards show performances?

During the 2022 CMT Music Awards, Carrie Underwood shared a recently-filmed video from her Las Vegas residency, in which she was hoisted into the air during the final chorus of the song.

While not live, the megastar delivered her signature power vocals surrounded by plenty of fog and wind. Soon, acrobats suspended from ropes dropped down from the ceiling and twirled around as Underwood soared through the chorus and bridge.

The act, known as corde lisse, is one of the most recognizable skills in acrobatics. But the real theatrics began during the last chorus, when a rope dropped down for Underwood, who wrapped her body in the cloth before being lifted to the sky as she tore through the final chorus.

The Las Vegas crowd erupted in cheers watching her deliver the pitch-perfect, powerful finale to the emotional song. While she first performed "Ghost Story" live on television during the Grammy stage last week, her CMT Music Awards video really raised the bar.

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