Kitten jumps off 5th floor from a burning building... and falls on his feet!

Cat Survives Jumping from the Fifth Floor of a Burning Apartment Building

There is no doubt that one of people's favorite hobbies on the Internet is watching puppies and kittens videos, because these charming animals always give us extremely fun moments, in addition to being beautiful creatures.

Such is the case of an impressive kitten that jumped off the fifth floor of a burning building. In the amazing shoots we can see how the animal jumps and amazingly falls on its feet, because it is well known that cats have amazing agility and even more in risky situations like this.

The video has millions of views on all social media after being shared by the Chicago Fire Department, and it's impressive how the feline escaped from a burning building in Illinois, USA.

"He went under my car and hid until he felt better after a couple of minutes, went out and tried to climb the wall to get back into the building," said fire department spokesman Larry Langford.

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