Chicago Fire: The Series will be back on its Tuesday night Schedule

Chicago Fire: The series will be back on its Tuesday night schedule

Before NBC moved its entire "One Chicago" franchise to Wednesday nights, "Chicago Fire" enjoyed the Tuesday night's slot and now it looks like the series has a chance to return to its original grounds.

Chicago Fire will debut on MyNetworkTV this fall as part of a new distribution agreement, airing on the network's programming block on Tuesday nights.

Chicago Fire will be available to fans again on Tuesday nights

Under the new deal, MyNetworkTV will air one episode at a time every Tuesday night, allowing fans to enjoy a double dose of classic episodes of the series each week.

MyNetworkTV fans will be able to enjoy classic episodes of Chicago Fire every Tuesday night starting Tuesday, September 21, 2021. The network will continue to air back-to-back episodes throughout the fall season as the series One Chicago replaces Dick Wolf' Law & Order: Criminal Intent on the network's schedule.

Chicago Fire: The MyNetworkTV

Additionally, One Chicago fans can search for their favorite Dick Wolf dramas on MyNetworkTV, as the network's fall lineup also includes episodes of Law &Order: SVU and Chicago P.D.

For those lucky enough to have access to MyNetworkTV, a fall schedule of Dick Wolf series and the One Chicago franchise, which includes Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire, will be available beginning September 20, 2021-22.

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