Chicago Med Season 7: The Drama Could Be Canceled If The Whole Cast Doesn’t Get Vaccinated

Chicago Med Season 7: The Drama Could Be Canceled If The Whole Cast Doesn’t Get Vaccinated

According to new security measures that have been implemented by NBC television programs such as Chicago Med, the cast will require that all participants be vaccinated.

Popular NBC television shows increased safety measures for all employees who work on them. For example, Season 7 of the medical drama Chicago Med, will require vaccinations for actors and anyone who work and produce on the show.

Chicago Med Season 7: Drama could be canceled if the entire cast isn't vaccinated

Due to variants and increased cases of COVID-19, an email from the production company responsible for the universe One Chicago, Wolf Entertainment, and Universal Television announced stricter measures in the filming sets of the programs, as published by Web Deadline.

These new measures, which will be implemented at filming set, are aimed at all individuals working in the so-called "Zone A," which includes actors as well as staff and crew who interact closely with them.

According to the producers' mail, Zone A workers have until August 11 to acquire at least one dose, leaving less than a week for individuals who have not yet been vaccinated.

The second dose is due by September 10. Exceptions are made, particularly for disabilities and religious beliefs, but only on an individual basis after review by HR.

Chicago Med Season 7: Will the entire cast of the show be vaccinated?

As we stated in one of our Chicago Med notes regarding the pandemic theme, it's usual for a show that takes place almost entirely in an enclosed hospital to require greater security precautions for the little fresh air that performers and production members can breathe.

If the new safety requirements for preventing the spread of COVID-19 are not followed, the medical drama Chicago Med and the other One Chicago series may be compelled to close temporarily or perhaps cancel the show.

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