Chicago P.D. Season 9: What will happen to Makayla if Burgess fails to survive

Chicago P.D. Season 9: What will happen to Makayla if Burgess fails to survive

Chicago P.D. is considered the most popular series among the One Chicago franchise, and the season 8 finale left fans anxiously awaiting the fate of Kim Burgess in season 9.

Chicago P.D. Season 8 taught us big changes in Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) when she decided to raise a girl named Makayla (Ramona Edith Williams). Now, if Burgess retires from the series, what will happen to the girl?

Chicago P.D .: Fans wonder what Makayla's fate will be in season 9

Fans of Chicago P.D. will recall that Burgess insisted on raising the girl, which put even more strain on her relationship with Adam Ruzek (Patrick Flueger). However, Burgess decided to adopt Makayla anyway, and several scenes from season 8 reveal the bond between the two.

Despite the incredible plot development, everything changed in the season 8 finale when Burgess was kidnapped by a dangerous criminal. Fortunately, we later learned that Burgess was still alive and trying to escape.

Burgess manages to get to a car in the final episode, and when she says out loud to herself that she needs to stay alive, she faints, leaving fans wondering if she'll get out of this situation.

Chicago P.D .: If Burgess fails to survive, Ruzek would be left in charge of Makayla

Season 8 has left more questions than answers, and fans are waiting for Season 9 to find out what happens next. Meanwhile, there is much speculation about whether or not Burgess will survive, and about Makayla's fate.

In the case that Burgess is unable to care for the girl, Ruzek will be named as her guardian. If Burgess does not survive, little Makayla would suffer a great loss, making Ruzek's job of comforting her and providing stability even more difficult in season 9 of Chicago P.D.

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