China Begins Construction of a Life-Size Titanic Replica

titanic replica china ship

China is preparing for a new mega-project tourism. For the first time since its sinking, the country orchestrates thousands of people working to build a Titanic-replica. Of real size and operation, the ship aims to pay tribute to the lost ship in the icy waves of the Atlantic.

china titanic ship construction

On the border with the end of the pandemic by COVID-19, China prepares a metal shell to welcome tourists from all over the world. It is a Titanic-replica, which is intended not only to be exact, but to start functioning as soon as it is finished. “Experts and historians have corroborated construction plans,” says Su Shaojun in front of local media.

china titanic ship construction
china titanic ship construction

The ship will be located in a theme park dedicated exclusively to Titanic, in southwest China. Suining city will house the space, imitating the ship as the centerpiece of the whole exhibition.

china titanic ship construction

Construction is not only ongoing, it’s progressing rapidly. It also promises finishing this year. Although the original ship didn’t withstand the inclemency of the sea, everything indicates that the Chinese imitation will not only be more resistant, but safer for visitors.

china titanic ship construction 4
china titanic ship construction 5

Construction efforts have involved labor of thousands of Chinese workers. “It’s a very complicated project,” Su Shaojun, the creator of the initiative, told AFP. “We built a large ship like an aircraft carrier,” the entrepreneur says regarding the new ocean liner.

For the time being, the Titanic replica will remain on dry land. The nearest ocean to the theme park’s chosen location is 1000 kilometres away. Despite this, Su Shaojun is certain that visitors from around the planet will come to visit Titanicland, as he baptized his megaproject.

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