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Chris Wallace Defends Fauci Over COVID Emails on Lab Leak

If you mix politics with science you get politics.

Chris Wallace Defends Fauci Over COVID Emails on Lab Leak

Fox News’s Chris Wallace came to the defense of U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci from “highly political” GOP attacks.

COVID-19 looked potentially “engineered” from within a laboratory

The Washington Post and Buzzfeed published Fauci’s emails, and what Fauci and other public health officials believed about the likelihood of the covid-19 lab leak theory last year.

Wallace told Fox News colleague John Roberts “there is no smoking gun”, such attacks are more politically motivated than genuine concern, it’s important to “take the politics out of this,” “When Donald Trump — back when he was president — suggested that China may have played a role in it, that it wasn’t a naturally occurring virus, I think there was a knee-jerk reaction from some Democrats, from some people in the media, to say, ‘Well, if Trump says this is a possibility, it can’t be a possibility.’”

Fauci COVID Emails on Lab Leak

After Roberts went back to the discussion, Wallace had this to say about Fauci and the emails:

I’ve read reports and read through a number of the e-mails. There’s no smoking gun there that indicates that Fauci had any reason to believe this had came from… the Wuhan virology laboratory. I’ll answer the question, even though Jen Psaki wouldn’t — this is highly political. I can promise you. You’re seeing it as a major talking point from Republicans. I think that when Donald Trump speaks tomorrow night in North Carolina, you’re going to see him go after Fauci. Let’s just remember. Anthony Fauci has been on the firing lines trying to protect Americans from public health issues since the mid-80s with AIDS. And before we start calling for his head, this guy who’s been a devoted public servant for 40 years, maybe we ought to slow down just a little bit.

President Biden on Friday reiterated his confidence in Fauci as his chief medical adviser amid the rising attacks from conservatives.

Biden has ordered the U.S. intelligence community to further study the origins of the coronavirus and submit a report within 90 days outlining the evidence for whether it came from a lab accident or spread naturally.

You can watch above, via Fox News.


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