Do you have insomnia? This trick to fall asleep in 5 minutes is causing sensation in TikTok

With this trick in TikTok you can fight insomnia (Shutterstock)

Problems falling asleep are becoming more common and can affect anyone, especially now with covid-19 pandemic, a period in which majority have been drastically affected, giving way to increased numbers of insomnia cases. As a result of this situation, a trick on TikTok has caused a furor on social networks, as it explains how to fall asleep in just five minutes.

At some point in life, most have experienced difficulties falling asleep, some will remember that feeling of despair when looking at the clock, seeing that little is left for sunrise and noticing that in a couple of hours you will have to get up. If you face problems like this, this formula for falling asleep in TikTok might help.

tips to fall asleep in 5 minutes

Some internet users have shared that they've a sleep disorder in TikTok, so a social network user was given the task of sharing a trick to get asleep in a matter of minutes; here we share what it is.

This is the trick that will help you fight insomnia

Beyond taking medications, there are remedies or habits you can follow to recover a good sleep cycle and, this way you perform better throughout the day and combat stress or anxiety. The latest tip on TikTok was shared by a psychology student.

In the video, the young man explains a simple, effective and quick trick to get into deep sleep in just five minutes. All you have to do is create a mental list of things, i.e. randomly mention object names, the less connection they have between them the better.

The student gave the following example: "Potatoes, Tarzan and Violin" and added: "the more random, the better." The clip already has more than 7 million views and around 8,500 comments, some of which thanked the young man for sharing this trick.

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