EU wants less British TV and film

Seen as a threat to cultural diversity in Europe

EU wants less British TV and film
Photo: Netflix

According to an EU document obtained by The Guardian newspaper, the United Kingdom is seen as responsible for a disproportionate share of film and television in the European market. The UK is the largest producer of films and TV series in Europe, which is naturally influences what is shown in EU cinemas and television.

According to the document obtained by The Guardian, it is believed that British film and TV productions may threaten cultural diversity in the EU. As a result, the European Commission has been tasked with investigating whether British productions do indeed threaten cultural diversity within the EU and, if so, what can be done about it.

The EU’s so-called “Audiovisual Media Services Directive“, 30% of productions shown on terrestrial television and streaming services must be of European origin. So far, this includes the UK. However, it is not entirely out of the question that in the future the EU may consider rewriting the directive to require that 30% of material originates in EU countries, which would exclude the UK now that it has left the EU.

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