Exclusive Yellowstone Episode 7 Clip Teases a Big Problem for the Ranch

Yellowstone Episode 7 Clip Teases a Big Problem for the Ranch

In an exclusive preview for Yellowstone’s upcoming episode 7—the beginning of the final act of season 4—John Dutton is reunited with Governor Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz-Grillo). It’s their first meeting, we assume, since the attack that left John shot up, roadside.

Lynelle arrives by motorcade to the ranch, where John greets her with typical Dutton cynicism: “When governors drop by unannounced, it’s either real good or real bad.”

The Governor doesn’t appear often in Yellowstone, yet each of her appearances signals some form of political pressure coming for the ranch; whenever she greets John, it’s mostly bad news.

The last time we saw Governor Perry was last season. She was discussing developments with the airfield and other land projects that she had approved—despite the threat she knows it poses to the Yellowstone property. She works for the state of Montana, not John.

But there is, of course, history.

Relationship-wise, Lynelle and John have mostly used each other to fill the gap left by their respective spouses. They have each been the other’s mutual method for grief. So far this season, we’ve seen an especially lonely John prowling his lonely cabin and presiding over his lonely land. His recent romance with Summer Higgins illustrates some developing restlessness—or perhaps drama for the sake of drama.

Yellowstone Episode 7 Clip Teases a Big Problem for the Ranch

Lynelle’s reappearance will at least awaken some kind of proactiveness in John’s struggle to retain control over the Yellowstone. Whatever news she brings, hopefully it means we’re back on track with the Yellowstone story we first tuned into watch: John vs. everyone coming for his land.

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