Geely's new electric car platform: "Better than Tesla"

Geely-chief not impressed by Tesla

As you know, Geely owns Volvo, Polestar and a bunch of other brands, and the future is electric for Geely as well. That's why they've developed the SEA platform, a platform made just for electric cars, although it should be possible to add an engine in the form of a range extender. Volvo will start building a smaller car on the platform, but the first to come out will be the Zeekr 001, which is anything but small, on the contrary, and will be a fast runabout that will do 0-100 in 3.8 seconds. Volvo's cars, which unfortunately will also have to run on fossil engines for a while, will use SPA2, a new version of the current platform that Volvo uses and on which the next XC90 will be built.

So the SEA is all-electric, and then of course it's easy to compare it to Tesla. How well it will perform remains to be seen, but SEA CEO Kent Bovellan likes his own platform. To Paultran he says …

– We are better than Tesla when it comes to the mechanical architecture. They are very skilled in the software part, but in terms of mechanical architecture, we are better. We have a more cost-efficient solution and beat them in more or less everything, except for performance.

Kent says Tesla is ahead of them in software and speed, but 3.8 seconds to 100 is plenty. Kent goes on to say that Geely's platform is better in terms of interior space, noise levels in the car, and the not-so-insignificant production costs of parts and operating costs. He also claims that Geely's platform delivers lighter cars than Tesla.

– We are not impressed by Tesla. I like that they are going the right way with an electric architecture, we’re going the same way as well. They are one of the first to introduce core systems, but mechanically, nope, never. That, we do better.

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