Gwen Stefani’s Revenge Impression of Blake Shelton Is Almost Perfect

Gwen Stefani turned to social media to put her own spin on her husband Blake Shelton‘s current hit single, “Come Back as a Country Boy,” and the results are hilarious — as is his approving reaction.

In the video below, set to the tune of Shelton’s current hit, Stefani goes to her closet to pick out a pair of boots, but instead of reaching for her own colorful boots, she directs her hand away from her side of the closet and toward Shelton’s, picking out a worn pair of cowboy boots.

From there, the pop superstar and fashion entrepreneur chooses a worn ballcap, a Blake Shelton T-shirt, hilariously oversized blue jeans and a camouflage overshirt to complete the look, though we have to assume the pearls that peek out from beneath are part of her own collection, not Shelton’s.

“Why come back as a Country Boy when i can dress like one now?” Stefani captions the video, adding the hashtag #CountryMusic.

What do you think?


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