Harry and Meghan fly around on private Jet to preach about Vaccines and Climate change

Harry and Meghan fly around on private Jet to preach about Vaccines and Climate change

The British tabloids and their readers wasted no time in being outraged at the rogue royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for returning to their home in California by private jet after a grand tour to New York.
The pair were caught by a paparazzo after they landed at a private airport in Santa Barbara, California, on Saturday night to meet up with their children. They had spent the last three days in New York, where they attended several public events and met important people. The photos were first printed by the Daily Mail, but other tabloids soon picked up the story.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are fiercely committed to reducing the impact of human activity on the climate, which is why their greenhouse-gas-generating flying habits have long been controversial.

Prompted by recent news coverage of the powerful couple's lifestyle, many people have become upset over what they perceived as the sheer hypocrisy of preachy elites holding on to their private jets and other privileges while telling the masses to take personal responsibility for climate change.

Others jumped to defend the woke celebrities by declaring that they were fully justified by compensating for their travel (i.e., paying extra), or pointing out that other rich people were worse polluters. Some argued that private jets do not deserve their bad reputation because they are better for the local economy than ordinary tourists.

There has also been much shoulder shrugging, especially from readers outside Britain who seem less interested in following the drama surrounding the wedding and Harry's estrangement from the British royal family.

The need to curb the damage caused by climate change has moved to the top of Western political discourse, and the Biden administration has made it a top priority. However, there is a lot of scepticism about the effectiveness and public acceptance of the proposed solutions. Many less affluent people have no desire to switch to bug proteins and turn down the heating in winter, while millionaires fly on space planes to personally convince themselves that the earth is round.

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