'I was definitely wrong': Ed Sheeran admits mistake he made with Taylor Swift

Ed Sheeran y Taylor Swift. Fuente: (Twitter).

There is no denying Taylor Swift's influence in the music industry. The re-release of one of her most popular albums has been trending recently, highlighting the impact her songs have had on the lives of a generation that closely follows her every move. What few people are aware of is her friendship with Ed Sheeran.

In a recent interview, the artist behind "Shape of You" discussed his relationship with the "Shake it off" singer and admitted to making an unusual misjudgment. It happened during a chat he had with the hosts of 100.5 Fresh Radio. There, he discussed the advice that is typically given by music industry figures.

Ed Sheeran made headlines a few days ago when he recreated a "Friends" scene with Courteney Cox.

The musician was asked about the ideas they exchanged when they got together and said, "With Taylor Swift, that's what we do when we see each other, we play songs, not to get approval, but to see what the other person thinks," he said. These types of conversations tend to happen across the board. Artists share ideas with colleagues and seeking advice for their projects.

Sheeran said Taylor Swift made him listen to two of his most popular songs, "Blank Space" and "Bad Blood", to figure out which one she liked the most. "Which one should come out first? he asked. In response to the question of which single would be better for his album, Ed stated. "It was like, 'Definitely Bad Blood, it's a hit.' Obviously, 'Blank Space' is his biggest song. I was definitely wrong" he laughed.

"Blank Space" was launched in 2014.

The gift they gave to Lisa Kudrow

Along with Courteney Cox, Sheeran gave the former "Friends" star Lisa Kudrow a great gift. In a memorable scene, Phoebe Buffay flipped Elton John 's hit "Tiny Dancer" and changed the lyrics to "Tony Danza". So Cox and Sheeran recorded the song with the changed lyrics with Elton John and Brandi Carlalile and shared it on social media.

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