“I’m not going to lie”: Selena Gomez revealed her most effective self-care tip

The star made it clear that protecting mental health starts with small steps.

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Selena Gómez. Fuente: (Twitter).

Selena Gomez has demonstrated in recent times, and especially during her quarantine, that mental health is one of the most important issues on her agenda. Following her admission of bipolar disorder, the “Boyfriend” singer shared with her community some self-care tips as well as coping strategies for anxiety and depression.

Interestingly, there is one constant that appears to be repeated throughout the 29-year-old philanthropist and artist‘s interviews that many could adopt to live a healthier life.

In an exclusive conversation with People, Selena Gomez recently admitted that a restful nap is the best solution when she’s feeling down.

Taking a nap is my best option, I am not going to lie,” the singer told the tabloid. “Napping when I am feeling a little down is nice because it makes me feel like I can start over,” she added.

Selena Gomez has set herself the goal of raising $100 million to launch a project that aims to connect the most disadvantaged communities with much-needed mental health services.

Last year during Mental Health Awareness Month, Selena Gomez detailed through Instagram her self-care routine is like and the habits she’s adopted for a conciliatory break. Before going to bed, the American interpreter applies facial creams and sprays, turns off electronic devices, and even uses aerosols to clean the environment.

Another key to Selena Gomez‘s anxiety relief was her use of a dialectical behavioral therapy based on the teachings of psychosocial skills, developed by American psychologist Marsha Linehan.

Restful naps take over the sets

Selena Gomez is not alone in considering the habit of napping as a pillar of self-care. Another well-known figure who practices naps even at work is the Oscar winner Taika Waititi.

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are some of the celebrities who have joined Waititi in his naps.
Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are some of the celebrities who have joined Waititi in his naps.

Not only can the director of “Thor: Love and Thunder” fall asleep anywhere, but many of his actors and collaborators have joined him in the initiative, which appears to work like a ritual on the productions he’s involved in.

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