Is Tom Selleck leaving Blue Bloods? Here's what we know

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Tom Selleck has been entertaining television fans for almost a decade now as the beloved Frank Reagen on the police procedural Blue Bloods.

He has appeared in every single episode of the show since it first aired in 2010. However, many viewers have wondered if he has plans to leave the show after a series of rumours. So could Frank be preparing to retire as NYPD police commissioner? Find out everything you need to know about Tom's future on the show here…

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Rumours of the 76-year-old actor's exit surfaced earlier this year when several media outlets reported that the former Magnum P.I. star wanted to leave Hollywood altogether to spend more time with his family.

On the show, his character was recently offered a new role that would see him take a step back from the NYPD. While viewers will have to wait and see if he accepts the offer or not, it doesn't necessarily mean that Frank will no longer be a part of the show anymore.

Could Frank be getting ready to retire as NYPD police commissioner?

Tom has stayed tight-lipped about quitting the show, but he did tell People in 2020: "I think there is a lot of life in the show, as long as you let your characters grow and get older," adding, "I don't think there is an endpoint."

He also spoke about how much he cherishes his time on set with his talented co-stars. "Our dinner party scenes are like reuniting with friends," he said.

"Sometimes it's hard for directors to get us to focus. We do the work, and we do it well, but we also fool around, joke around and swap stories. What we have is really a blessing."

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