J.J. Abrams and DC team up to bring another superhero to life on screen

The co-creator of “Lost” is one of the executive producers of the “Superman” reboot.

The co-creator of "Lost" is one of the executive producers of the "Superman" reboot.
J.J. Abrams. Source: (Twitter).

For some time now, J.J. Abrams and HBO Max have teamed up to develop new projects. Thus, the opportunity to reimagine an updated version of “Superman” arose after Henry Cavill contract was terminated and the Snyderverse no longer seemed to have a place in Warner Bros. Pictures. Now it’s confirmed that the director is working on a new adventure.

The “Lost” co-creator will join the creative ranks of a new series based on a DC character. It will be made for HBO Max, which is continuing to expand its catalog and had already confirmed a prequel to “The Batman” centered around Commissioner Gordon. The show is in the development stage and doesn’t have too many confirmed details yet.

HBO Max and Bad Robot, Abrams’ company, are working on a reboot of “Constantine.”

J.J. Abrams will team up with Angela Robinson, one of the creative minds behind shows like “True Blood”, to make an adaptation of “Madame X“. This involves a psychic who can use tarot to predict the future, levitate objects, and also transport or remove demons. She is also an immortal character who has achieved this form thanks to a pact she made with Death.

Madame X first appeared in 1978 thanks to a design by William Kaluta for a story developed by David Michelinie and Val Mayerik. Over time, it became an important part of a legal study that helped solve all kinds of crimes. The series will consist of one-hour episodes.

The character is also known as Madame Xanadu.

The big change that Superman would have

Speculation has been rife for some time that J.J. Abrams’ arrival at Warner Bros. Pictures could be given a new treatment of “Superman” in conjunction with a larger space on the big screen for minorities who have historically been pushed out of the comic book genre. Only now with Marvel were more characters beginning to appear that weren’t exclusively white, in a space where only “Blade” was the most notorious example of representation. There is now speculation that Michael B. Jordan could become the first Superman of color in history, replacing Cavil as the hero of Krypton.


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