James Bond star Daniel Craig donates £10k to grieving dads on charity walk

GENEROUS James Bond star Daniel Craig donates £10,000 to fathers walking for suicide prevention charity

Daniel Craig donates £10k to grieving dads on charity walk
The 53-year-old actor has donated £10k to dads who are raising money for a suicide prevention charity after losing their daughtersCredit: PA

The actor, 53, is donating the money to Three Dads Walking — a 300-mile. 15-day hike by three fathers of young women who took their own lives.

The ‘James Bond‘ star made the generous donation to Andy Airey, Mike Palmer and Tim Owen, who are undertaking a 300-mile walk in the UK in memory of their daughters Sophie, Beth and Emily for the charity Papyrus.

The trio described the donation from Daniel as “fantastic” and were thrilled that he allowed them to publicise the gesture.

Airey told The Guardian newspaper: “We found out about it yesterday morning, as Mike and Tim were travelling up to Cumbria – we were WhatsApping each other in state of surprise.

“By the time they’d arrived, we’d got a note saying Daniel Craig was happy to have his name attached to it, which was just fantastic – it’s a very generous donation, but to actually have the person who’s the single most famous actor in the world at the moment being happy to help was just brilliant.”

Daniel reprises his role as James Bond for the final time in the new 007 movie ‘No Time To Die’ and recently confessed that he couldn’t stop watching Prince Charles during the film’s world premiere at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The 53-year-old actor said: “We were all in the royal box… I sat next to Camilla and Charles.

“I’m quite occupied watching the audience, yeah, because I’m kind of nervous and I want to see what [they think].”

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel said: “So Prince Charles is sitting there and you’re just kind of looking over at him?”

His guest mimed leaning over and replied: “Yeah, I kind of want to see that he hasn’t left.”

Jimmy joked: “That must have been a relaxing experience for him. ‘Bond keeps looking at me, I want to check my texts, what’s going on here? When am I going to be king already? Am I going to knight this guy?’ “

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