Julian Edelman shared why he thinks Tom Brady is a little more motivated to beat the Patriots

“That’s the kind of guy he is.”

Julian Edelman's seen Tom Brady's competitive
Julian Edelman's seen Tom Brady's competitive side over the years. Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Former Patriots receiver Julian Edelman believes Tom Brady wants to have a big game in his return to Foxborough on Sunday night.

When asked in an interview on Friday’s episode of the “Ryen Russillo Podcast” if Brady wants to embarrass the Patriots, the longtime Brady teammate shared why that might be the case.

“He definitely wants to go out there and put some points up,” Edelman said. “That’s the kind of guy he is. He’s very competitive, and we’d all be ignorant to say there wasn’t a little extra on this game.

“He’s gonna want to go out there and perform at the absolute best of his ability to show them, ‘Hey, you could have kept me.’”

In recent weeks, more and more details have emerged about Brady’s breakup with the Patriots in 2020. According to reports, Bill Belichick did not offer the multi-year contract Brady wanted. Brady’s father and his trainer, Alex Guerrero, took shots at Belichick’s handling of Brady in his final years in New England in September, indicating that there could be some conflict between the two.

Edelman believes Brady carries the same chip on his shoulder following the Patriots’ decision not to sign him as he did after being a sixth round draft pick.

“I mean, this is the same guy that – didn’t we have the ‘Brady Six’ where he was crying or something because he was drafted a certain way? He already had like four Super Bowls at the time they were making this thing and he’s still thinking about that,” Edelman said. “I can’t read minds, but I can read mannerisms. He’s a repeat offender.

Brady did admit Thursday that “I want to kick their butt this week,” when speaking about the Patriots.

Later in the interview, Edelman shared that Brady “may have called me” after he signed with Tampa Bay in 2020. Edelman stayed in New England for the 2020 season though and retired after the year.



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