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Kevin Costner takes part in “Yellowstone” filming in Missoula

Kevin Costner takes part in "Yellowstone" filming in Missoula

MISSOULA – The popular TV series Yellowstone has returned to Missoula for filming — complete with some serious star power.

The front lawn of the Missoula County Courthouse was packed with production crew and extras on Wednesday, and it looks like filming for the season is officially underway..

Bystanders were starstruck as they watched Kevin Costner and other co-stars as they shot scenes for an upcoming episode.

Yellowstone revolves around the Dutton family and land claim issues.

The show has filmed at various locations in Missoula and the Bitterroot valleys.

So Where is Yellowstone Filming Exactly?

We don’t know their schedule for the entire shoot, but we got an anonymous tip today that Yellowstone was doing some filming on Howard Raser Drive, just off of North Reserve. I was heading in that general direction anyway so I figured hey, why not stop by and see if I can see anything?

Well, I did see something! So what did I see, you ask? Kevin Costner and his entourage at the catering table? A surprise 1883 cameo crossover with Sam Elliott? An empty parking lot with some traffic cones surrounding it?

Well, if you guessed the third one… you were right!

Kevin Costner takes part in "Yellowstone" filming in Missoula
Photo via Mike Smith

But let’s take a closer look at one of those traffic cones, shall we?

Kevin Costner takes part in "Yellowstone" filming in Missoula
Photo via Mike Smith

They wrote the Yellowstone “Y” symbol on the traffic cones – it’s like they wanted some guy from the radio station to find them!

That cone was next to a sign pointing extras into a check-in area… but the place looked pretty deserted by the time I got there. I’m guessing filming had wrapped for the day…

…unless, of course, season 5 of Yellowstone is about the Duttons opening up a driver’s ed school, in which case, I may have interrupted the shoot. Sorry Kev, this one’s on me.

This sighting may have been a bit of a bust, but keep your eyes open – this is just the beginning and Yellowstone is going to be here all summer long. You never know where you might see it filming!

The fifth season of Yellowstone is set to return on Nov. 13 on the Paramount network.

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