Lost Wedding Ring found around a Fish in Australia

Finds the lost wedding ring around a fish in Australia

The lost wedding ring of a man was seen by a diver five months later around a fish.

Nathan Reeves had lost his wedding ring while swimming off Norfolk Island in Australia and thought he would never find it. To his surprise the wedding ring was seen around the neck of a fish five months after disappearance.

Somehow Nathan's ring reached the fish's body, as can be seen in the images published by local media.

Nathan and his wife had decided to spend the day swimming on the island, at some point, Nathan realized that he was not wearing his wedding ring, a symbol of the commitment to bond with his wife. So losing it was a real tragedy.

They tried looking for it without any success. Both and local divers set out to search the gold ring, but all was in vain.

Until… five months later a diver, Susan Prior, saw a ring on the body of a little fish.


"I'm only worried about the fish"

The problem now is how to take off the ring from the fish. The only way is using a net to catch the fish and gently pull out as not to harm the sea creature. The diver told the media that she is only worried about the fish, because if she doesn't withdraw the ring, the day will come when the ring will cut off the fish.

The island's residents have volunteered to search for the fish with metal detectors and remove the ring. They hope to see the fish again.

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