Meghan Markle in trouble: her father threatens to take her to court

Meghan Markle. Source: (Minute USA).

Meghan Markle. Source: (Minute USA).

The Duchess of Sussex faces her family again, but this time justice may intervene in her father’s favor.

Since leaving the royal family, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have been almost constant tabloid protagonists and the focus of speculation of all kinds. But now things seem to be getting complicated for the couple, as her father, with whom she has no relationship whatsoever, is planning to take her to court in California.

Harry and Meghan welcomed daughter Lilibeth, the second from their marriage, on June 4 this year.

Thomas Markle , father of the “Suits” actress, told Fox News that he plans to take legal action because the couple refuse to let him meet his grandchildren. “I will be asking the California court in the near future for my right to visit my grandchildren,” said the 77-year-old man, with whom the Duchess is estranged.

Thomas is a retired cinematographer and won two Emmy Awards.

In addition, Meghan‘s father spoke about the delicate situation with the royal family, saying that he does not think it’s fair that children have to pay the price for their parents’ mistakes. “Archie and Lili are small. They are not politicians, they are not pawns. They are not part of the game. They are also royalty and should have the same rights as the rest of the family,” Thomas said.

You can never forgive him
While this is not the first time Thomas Markle has addressed the situation with Meghan and Prince Harry, she has rarely given him an answer. After the incidents leading up to her wedding, she decided to cut off her relationship with her father completely because she felt betrayed. The man took photos for the press that were supposedly natural and taken without his knowledge, but it was proven that they were all planned. In addition, before the wedding, he sent a letter from her to the tabloids.

Meghan is very close to her mother, Doria Ragland, who was one of her biggest supporters during the worst moments.

“I look at Archie, I think about this child, and I really can’t imagine doing anything to intentionally cause him pain, not to my son,” Markle admitted to Oprah Winfrey in the famous interview in March this year. The Duchess of Sussex has no plans to reconcile with her father in the near future, and no court can change that.

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