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Michael Weatherly delighted fans with a rare photo of his daughter Olivia

Michael Weatherly posts a rare photo of his daughter Olivia, delighting fans with the sweet moment.

micheal wetherly rare photo daughter olivia
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Michael Weatherly took to social media to share a special photo from inside his family home – and his fans couldn’t get enough.

This adorable photo is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face, of what appeared to be his daughter Olivia holding their dog Oliver who was dressed up as “Thing 1” from Dr. Suess’, The Cat in The Hat. We can’t help but feel grateful for such a happy family life and wish them all the best.

In this photo, the pooch is posing on the floor in a bright blue wig, adorned with a big red bow.

The actor captioned the update: I teamed up with Oliver to dress up as Thing 1 for Halloween. I was a mix of “guy in sweatpants”, “unemployed actor” and “Dad”. It was a perfect night!

The star took to Twitter

The hilarious update was met with countless responses from fans who were quick to rush in with their comments.

One fan responded, writing, “So cute…hope he gets lots of good dog treats and im sure he gulps them down as we speak!!”

A second added: “Oh, how sweet!! So glad you are enjoying every aspect of your children’s lives. The world would be a much better place if parents spent time with their children!! Love this!”

Michael is such a proud dad

A third replied: “Perfect Dad…no acting required…These are the moments of love and caring. Remembered by you your children forever.”

The star is a loving father of Olivia, 10, and Liam, 9, with his wife Bojana Jankovic. He also has an older son, August, 26, with his former wife Amelia Heinle.

Last month, the father-of-two gave fans a sweet insight into Liam’s life. Captioning a clip on Instagram he wrote: “Thinking back on #knockknock jokes. I think my son may be a combo of Samuel Beckett, @kanyewest and @DrSeuss and Yes, I realize Samuel Beckett is the only one without a @verified handle.”

Last month, the father of two opened up to fans about Liam’s life. In the caption to the Instagram clip, he wrote: “Remembering #knockknock jokes. I think my son might be a combo of Samuel Beckett, @kanyewest and @DrSeuss and yes, I realize that Samuel Beckett is the only one who doesn’t have a @verified handle. “

In the video, Michael was sat in a café and he recounted a ‘knock knock’ joke from his youngest son. Taking on a dramatic voice, he made his way through the joke, before adding ‘who’s there?’: I don’t know. I don’t know, who? I don’t know who because you said I don’t know who to. Liam Weatherly, knock knock joke.”

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