Moderna prepares Vaccines against Hiv, Cancer and Zika with the successful messenger Rna technique

Modern develops new mRNA vaccines

Photo: Spencer Davis

A year ago, Moderna was a company with no marketed products and unproven technology. It is possible that they may ship one billion doses of their COVID-19 vaccine this year.

The speed with which Moderna and its primary mRNA competitor, a partnership between Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE, devised their shots has made a major contribution to the fight to end the pandemic, have proven effective, have steady deliveries and pose no major health risks. Moderna now intends to use the technology for other vaccines. They have vaccines against 10 viruses that are either in or about to be tested in humans. Basically, three distinct “COVID -19 boosters”, one against seasonal flu and one for HIV. To develop a vaccine that helps against cancer, the biggest challenge is teaching the immune system to distinguish between tumors and healthy cells.

Vaccines that utilise mRNA technology act as messengers, they deliver the genetic code telling cells how to make the virus proteins that provoke an immune response, and the cells do the hard work from there.

via Bloomberg

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