NCIS: A clear sign of “Ziva's” return

NCIS: A clear sign of “Ziva's” return

Since her comeback in seasons 16 and 17, fans hope that "Ziva" will soon reappear in new episodes of NCIS. We explain to you why the signs are currently pointing of her return.

Is she coming or not? So far nothing has been confirmed in the NCIS universe, but those responsible have recently shown interest in bringing "Ziva" (Coté de Pablo) back.

"At the point, we've played all the cards for Ziva and no new paths are being planned". "But we're always open to it," producer Steve Binder (88) told TVLine a while back.

Though it's not clear yet when Ziva will return - a conversation on the series suggests it should be soon. We remember a scene from season 17.


NCIS: "Ziva" promised to look for Gibbs

In previous episodes "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) and "Ziva" finally have a reunion after a long time. After her departure in season 11, the agent was reported murdered in an attack. It wasn't until season 16 that it was revealed that this was not true and that "Ziva" had only faked her death.

The fact that her team had not looked more closely at the time or had searched for her was a thorn in "Ziva's side". She accused Gibbs of abandoning her in season 17. At the time, she explained that - if he ever disappeared or was reported about his death - she would be looking for him. It is precisely this case - attention spoilers - that has now occurred.

Mark Harmon and David McCallum at NCIS (© imago images / Cinema Publishers Collection)

In the season 18 finale, the boat that "Gibbs" was in exploded. The agent survived, but will most likely go into hiding for the time being. Now "Ziva" can prove that she really means her words from back then. She can return to investigate the case of her former boss.

These NCIS cast members come and go in Season 19

Exactly what will happen next in the 19th season of NCIS is not yet known. The series are currently on summer break. However, fans can look forward to some changes in the cast:

After both "Sloane" actress Maria Bello (54) and Emily Wickersham (37) aka "Ellie" left last season, Katrina Law (35) as "Jessica Knight" and Gary Cole (64) as "FBI Special Agent Alden Park " are new main actors.

"Gibbs," on the other hand, is expected to be featured very little in the upcoming season. Rumor has it that the actor Mark Harmon (69) will only appear in a handful of episodes.

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