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So I went through almost every single Gibbs and Abby scene in Seasons 14 and even 13 to find all the last typical Gibbs and Abby moments they shared together that we actually saw (since they didn’t have any scenes together in 15).

These range from 13x07-15x21 (so no, this does not go up to 15x22, Abby’s last episode.

1 & 2: Abby and Gibbs’ last hug - “16 Years” (13x07)

3: Second to last kiss on the cheek - “Privileged Information” (14x03)

4: Last kiss on the cheek - “Home of the Brave” (14x07)

5: Last time Abby dragged Gibbs away by the hand - “Being Bad” (14x02)

6: Last time Gibbs dragged Abby away by the hand - “Privileged Information” (14x03)

7: Last time Abby hit/reprimanded Gibbs - “Being Bad” (14x02)

8: Last time Gibbs handed off a Caf-Pow! to Abby - “M.I.A.” (14x18)

9: Last time Gibbs gave Abby a fatherly compliment - “The Wall” (14x19)

10: Last physical appearance together - “Rendezvous” (14x24)


I just wanted to say, I was absolutely floored that the last time we actually saw them hug was near the beginning of Season 13.

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