'NCIS' Fans Are Screaming Their Explosive Gibbs Prediction After the Season 19 Finale

Actors Mark Harmon and Gary Cole as Gibbs and Parker on the CBS show NCIS

Parker (Gary Cole) made it clear in the NCIS season 19 finale, titled “Birds of a Feather,” that he’s not Gibbs (Mark Harmon). But after seeing the CBS drama's latest installment end with an unexpected twist, fans think it’s time for the former special agent in charge to come back and restore some order.

During Monday night’s episode, Parker was confronted with his past when his ex-wife, Vivian (Teri Polo), was kidnapped. The NCIS team wasted no time jumping into action and launching a rescue mission. Although it appeared to be a success, the tables seemingly turned on Parker when Vivian sent a suspicious text hinting at a possible setup that wasn’t by the FBI. “How’s it going?” a message read on her phone. “It’s done. I have him,” she replied.

Despite McGee (Sean Murray), Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Knight (Katrina Law) believing Parker was in good hands with his ex, fans watching the season finale weren’t as confident.

After seeing NCIS season 19 conclude on a cliffhanger, folks rushed over to Twitter to manifest the return of Gibbs. “Great season finale! One of the best finales ever! My prediction for next season is Gibbs will return to help Parker and solve the case. Also, we will see more Knight and Palmer romance! 😍 #NCIS,” one person wrote. “Gibbs will come back and lend a hand to get Parker out of this. After all Gibbs has had a lot of experience with ex wives. A girl can wish. #NCIS S20,” another added. “Parker's on the run…. GIBBS IS COMING BAAAACK! (?) #NCIS @NCIS_CBS,” a different fan said.

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While there have been no hints about the retired special agent coming back anytime soon, the longtime series isn’t ruling it out. Speaking with TV Insider, showrunner Steven D. Binder opened up about what Gibbs returning could look like if actor Mark Harmon ever wants to make a cameo.

“There’s always head space for him to come back. It just has to be the right story, I think, to get him excited about it and to get us excited about it,” the executive producer told the outlet. “It’s a card to play, and I don’t think we want to play it cheaply. I think when we do play it, it really needs to be the right thing.”

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