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‘NCIS’ Fans Demand Gibbs to Return Immediately After Seeing the Show’s Instagram

Viewers of the CBS drama want to see Mark Harmon back right away.


At the beginning of season 19, NCIS fans were forced to say an emotional goodbye to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in Alaska. Although it’s been months, many are still struggling to accept his farewell. This became super evident when a throwback picture of Gibbs reignited a rallying cry for the special agent in charge to return.

It all began when the CBS show went on a three-week holiday break and its official Instagram page posted a 13-second clip of a scene with Gibbs and Parker (Gary Cole). In the snippet from episode 4, the two leaders have issues working alongside each other while dealing with Samuels (Jason Wiles). Although Parker wants a truce, Gibbs doesn’t want to hear it—and well, it only goes downhill from there.

After rewatching the clip on Instagram, NCIS fans wasted no time voicing their strong opinions about the show sans Gibbs. “GET RID OF PARKER, BRING BACK GIBBS,” one person wrote. “GIBBS NEEDS TO COME BACK,” another added. “Show can’t go on without him. It’s not as good. Bring him back or end it,” a different fan said. “I miss Gibbs! It’s not the same 😢,” a follower commented.

That said, others shared that they understood why actor Mark Harmon made the decision to leave NCIS after 19 seasons but wouldn’t mind a few guest appearances. “Mark deserves a happy retirement and maybe just a few more scenes with he and his pal Tobias fishing and chilling. Just a few more Gibbs! 😂❤️,” someone wrote. “I understand that Mark wants to step down, but tell him that we missing Gibbs 😩😩 we just want a scene here and there (obviously we would take more but I’ll take what I can get!!)” a fan said.

Still, some fans are trying to look at the positive. Following Gibbs’ sudden exit, Parker came on full-time as team leader with the blessing of McGee (Sean Murray). “I love Gibbs and will miss him, however, I am loving Parker as well. He is not a replacement, just a new person. No one can replace Gibbs. Parker is his own character and a good fit for the rest,” someone wrote. “Parker is a good fit for NCIS… I really like his style. I really hope we get more seasons with Parker as lead agent,” a fan said.

Whether you’re one of the many hoping Gibbs will come back or you’ve come to terms with him leaving, it’s clear everyone won’t ever forget about him.

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