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NCIS: Fans Discover Error at Ziva David’ Crash Scene in Season 4

NCIS: Fans Discover Error at Ziva David’ Crash Scene in Season 4

NCIS series having been on the air for nearly 18 years, it’s no wonder that fans are spotting some production errors. This error is from season four, and refers to Ziva David (Coté de Pablo).

NCIS: Retail fans have found a production error in Ziva David’s accident

In episode 1 of season four, Ziva drives her mini red cooper on her way to the NCIS offices. After witnessing a motorbike cause two vehicles to crash, she bypassed the interrogation and raced the motorbike as it fled.

During the tense high-speed chase, the two vehicles pass through a cafe monitored by two FBI agents who later learns to be the Syrian Colonel. However, Ziva suddenly stops in her tracks after a huge explosion breaks out in the cafe.

This episode is where fans noticed an error that took place at the scene of the first accident, Taking to, a viewer wrote “When the two cars collide and Ziva’s Mini goes off, the color-coded markers, red for the Mini, blue for the crashed car, are visible on the road, which weren’t supposed to be visible to viewers.

NCIS: The scene in question shows the markings that the production had made to indicate the cars placement

These markers were used in the show as a scheme for the placement of vehicles and weren’t supposed to be visible to viewers. It is a production error, as it is obvious that markers weren’t part of the road, thanks to the bright colors that were used.

With so many episodes over the years on the CBS network, the exciting series, NCIS, may have several production errors that fans have overlooked thanks to the story quality it has presented.

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