NCIS: Hawaii: Fans wonder if NCIS’ Mark Harmon will appear in the show


NCIS: Hawaii is the newest and most current series in the CBS franchise. The series will bring many new characters and locations for fans to explore. But is Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) also returning for the show??

NCIS Hawaii: fans evaluated Mark Harmon’s options to appear in new spin-off

Mark Harmon’s Agent Gibbs is unlikely to appear on NCIS: Hawaii. However, CBS hasn’t confirmed anything and the NCIS franchise is known for its crossovers and high-profile cameos, so anything is possible.

Fans worried that Harmon would leave the franchise for good after NCIS season 19, but their fears didn’t come true when CBS confirmed that the star has signed on for NCIS season 19.

However, it is not known if Mark Harmon will continue to lead the series or if his character, Leroy Gibbs, will take a more minor role in the new season. It was reported that CBS was considering cancelling the series if Harmon left, so a deal was struck that satisfied both parties.

NCIS Hawaii: Agent Gibbs could appear if the franchise confirms one of its famous crossovers between series

Fans are already preparing for NCIS season 19 to be very different after it was announced that Emily Wickersham will leave the series as Ellie Bishop.

There’s a lot for fans of the NCIS franchise to be excited about as NCIS: LA gets a new episode and NCIS: Hawaii premieres on September 1, 2021 hopefully with Mark Harmon be part of it.

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