NCIS: Hawaii: Season 1 First Details, Production and Release Date

NCIS: Hawaii: Season 1 First Details, Production, and Release Date

Fans are looking forward to the big day of the premiere of the new NCIS: Hawaii spin-off, whose cast was recently announced and will feature Vanessa Lachey as Jane Tennat at the helm as the first female leader of the NCIS franchise.

Last month, fans of the franchise received the first NCIS promotional trailer: Hawaii, which was introduced by the protagonist of the new crime drama. Now, the director of the pilot episode of the new series Larry Teng, on which he is also an executive producer, has revealed what fans can expect from the first season of the new spin-off.

Vanessa Lachey in the lead role, Yasmine Al-Bustami and Jason Antoon were the first cast members for NCIS Hawaii
Vanessa Lachey in the lead role, Yasmine Al-Bustami and Jason Antoon were the first cast members for NCIS: Hawaii

Larry Teng is known for having worked on the CBS drama Hawaii Five-0. This time, he will be in charge of the first episode of NCIS: Hawaii, about which he detailed his first experience on the set of the upcoming series.

Recall that the creation of the new spin-off was announced in early February, and now it’s confirmed that filming will begin before July, with an eye toward a late 2021 release on CBS.

Recently, Larry Teng from the set of the new spin-off spoke to the Daily Hawaii media about the tone of the new series and revealed that his first idea for NCIS: Hawaii is, “This is a love letter to the Navy.”

With the new series, the franchise is starting to venture out of the continent North America. As such, Teng and the rest of the NCIS: Hawaii production team go to great lengths to ensure that the island and the people of Hawaii are appropriately portrayed. He continued:

“But it’s also a love letter to Hawaii, you know, and I have to make sure I protect it. And, you know, it’s one of the things that we worry about every day.”

As fans were concerned about how the diversity of Hawaii will be represented in the new CBS series, NCIS Executive Director and Producer: Hawaii assured that both the cast and crew will take care of it and that it is therefore their responsibility to make sure everything plays out that way. As for the specific details of the plot, some descriptions of the characters of Jane Tennant and her fellow agents have given some clues as to the makeup of the new team.

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