NCIS LA: Fans still find scene errors between Sam and Callen


NCIS Los Angeles, the popular CBS drama, is preparing for the premiere of its 13th season, while fans continue to rewind each episode, discovering a curious error in the first season.

NCIS Los Angeles: Fans continue to encounter scene errors between Sam and Callen

With the premiere of NCIS in early 2009, we met field agents G. Callen (Chris O'Donnell) and Sam Hanna (LL Cool J), who served as the team's leaders.

During its first season, the series drew millions of viewers with each episode that aired. But looking back at all the seasons fans finding major flaws in the show.

During one of Callen and Sam's team first cases, specifically in episode 6, titled "Keeping It Real." An investigation is underway into an alleged suicide by a Navy soldier. Where NCIS agents discovered that the Navy soldier's death, which was initially thought to be a suicide, was actually a murder committed by a large counterfeit network.

"Sam finds a list of Guitar Hero receipts in Private Valdivia's house and reads it from top to bottom."

NCIS Los Angeles: Fans Keep Finding Bugs in the Show
NCIS Los Angeles: Fans Keep Finding Bugs in the Show

"But in the next scene he has the other page in his hand, without even having moved".

It is true that continuity errors are "normal" in many TV shows, but the way it happened in the early episodes of NCIS Los Angeles was very noticeable, attracting the attention of all viewers.

In fact, fans have been able to spot at least one production or post-production error in each of the show's seasons, making it both popular and vexing for NCIS Los Angeles viewers.

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