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NCIS Los Angeles Season 13: Hetty’s Return and Her Showdown with Kilbride


The popular and eccentric NCIS Los Angeles operations manager Hetty Lange, is gearing up for the show’s 13th season, which will likely include some clashes with Hollace Killbride. But why? Spoiler alert for season 12 and 13!

Since the beginning of NCIS Los Angeles Season 12, Operations Manager Hetty Lange’s (Linda Hunt) absence has been noticeable, with only a few video-call appearances, leaving Nell Jones (Renée Felice Smith) temporarily in charge. However, she returned in the final episode, ready to take care of business with Hollace Kilbride (Gerald McRaney). But what will happen in season 13?

NCIS Los Angeles Season 13: Hetty’s Return and Her Showdown with Kilbride

Let’s remember that after the season 12 finale, which announced the departure of actress Renée Felice Smith as Nell Jones and actor Barrett Foa as Eric Beale, producers began taking on new cast members while promoting old ones, such as actor Gerald McRaney, who plays Hollace Kilbride.

Which is why producer R. Scott Gemmill has spoken a bit about what’ll happen with Kilbride and Hetty now that she’s back for season 13 of NCIS Los Angeles, so we might see clashes in their team ideas.

They’re both very smart and very stubborn, so it makes for a fun and volatile dynamic,

executive producer R. Scott Gemmill says.

“Kilbride outranks Hetty, but he does respect her, even if he disagrees with her methodology and [sometimes] questions the cost of her successes.

As for season 13, it was revealed that the mission Hetty took on last season (her video calls were only filmed with the actress being guarded by the COVID because of her age) “She’ll try to resolve that on her own, but in the end, it will suck in the entire team—much to Kilbride’s [disapproval],” Gemmill reveals.

Yes, that brief respite from last season’s unusually happy season finale is over. The next conflict involves a couple of old friends–who may not be as friendly as we remembered them.”

NCIS Los Angeles Season 13: Hetty’s Return Will Bring Kilbride Trouble Over Team Decisions

This was one of the reasons why the actor Kilbride was promoted, because there will be many issues between him and Hetty that will get the agency in trouble, due to different ideas and strategies.

Currently, at least the first 4 episodes of NCIS season 13 Los Angeles have already been filmed and will premiere on Sunday, October 10, 2021.

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